Sunday, January 15, 2006

The 13th Math answers

1) What are those problem solving techniques that I was just talking about???
Well..i don't have my notes right now...i'm not at my house..but i still kind of remember (my memory's not that good :S)
*from the whole problem..underline the question (or somehow make it standout)
*make a simple sentence with a blank
*create a word ratio
*answer the following ratios (there's two more)
*answer it (fill in the blank)

2.Haley has enlarged a 3" by 5" picture so the length and the width are tripled. By what number must the original area of the picture to get the enlarged area ?

Haley would need to enlarge the picture ______ times

Since Haley has a 3" by 5" picture and both has to be would then be:
3x3= 9

to get the area you would need to get the product of the length and width...

now to get to answer the main question... 135/15 <--------(15; because this was the area of the original picture size) would then equal to make sure of this answer we go 9 x 15 = "135"

now we fill in the blank....

Haley would need to enlarge the picture 9 times

3.If there are 35 students in a class with the ratio 3:4, how many more girls then boys?

There are ________ many girls compared to boys.

In this problem it shows there are 3 boys for every 4 girls....a total of 7 all together... if you divide 35/7 = 5

to tell you the truth, i would stop here already...i gots my answer.. this is my simple way of answering still gives you your answer doesn't it??

but oh well...ill do this the long make everyone happy =)

well anyways....

35/7 = 5.... now you take the 5 and multiply it with 3 which would then become take 5 again and multiply it with 4 which would give you an answer of 20...20-15=5

see any which gives you the same answer =)

oh i hope i did this right :S

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