Tuesday, January 24, 2006

annalyns precent quiz things

Here is the question that i got wrong.

1. Underline the question 2. Make a simple sentence 3. Write a word ratio 4. make 2 more equivalent ratios 5. Then fill in the simple sentence or answer it.

A questions i got right . On an arithmetic test Joh recieved a grade of 80%. He solved 24 problems correctly. How many problems were on the test?

What i did : There were _____ problems on the test. for the word ratio i put correct/all problems. Then i put 24/___ and another equivalent fraction was 80/100. Then i multiplied 24 by 100 and i diveded that by 80 and i got 30. So the answer is 30. There were 30 problems on the test.

A question i got wrong A televison is on sale for $600. If the sale price is 20% less than the regular price. What was the regular price ?

My mistake : i put ___/600 and the other equivalent fraction was 20/100 . I multiplied 20 x 600 and i divided by 100 and i got 120 . Then after i got that i added 120 to 600 and the answer i got was $720.

My correction : i put 600/ _____ and the other equivalent fraction was 80/100 not 20 because we're finding the regular price not the discount. Then i multiplied 600 by 100 and divded it by 80 and i got $750. So the right answer is $750. Using a simple sentence : The regular price of the tv is $750.

(I'll answer the other blogs soon sry if it'll be late though)

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Impresive try the puzzle at the grade 8 blog.



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