Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Math Answers =)

Question what is the difference between Discount and Sale Price?
Discount is what you save, and sale price is what you pay.

How do you calculate these two amounts?
example question - You get a 50% discount on a $30.00 pair of shoes....
DISCOUNT- .50 x 30.00 = 15.00.... $15.00 is your discount
SALE PRICE- 30.00 - 15.00 (discount) = 15.00.... $15.00 is also your sale price

How do you calculate mentally percentages without going insane?
you should take a happy number first and start from there, then work your way through....for example:

What is 50% of 70?
you should already know the answer to this one.....70 divided by 2 equals 35...
it's that simple!

What is 35% of 80?
now here you have to use the happy number stradegy (or as i would call it anyways)
firstly you go take an easy number to work with...maybe 25%
25% of 80 is 20
now you go: 35 - 25 = 10
and so now you must find 10% of 80....which should be 8
and now you should add 20 and 8 which should equal 28
your answer to this solution is 28

hmmm..well i didn't go insane on that, that's my way of figuring this out =)

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At 9:18 p.m., Blogger Mr. H said...

Superb. What a great job. Try the new math riddle puzzle at the Sargent Park Math zone. Use the link on the left of your blog.



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