Thursday, February 02, 2006

Annalyn's Scribe

Today we learned about combining multiplying with addition and subraction. This means, we combined the use of multiplying integers with addition and subrtaction. There are another set of 3 rules that you can follow....
Step 1: Box all of the multiplication *include chaperones or extra - or + signs.
Step 2: Multiply all in the box and get 1 integer per box
Step 3: Put them together and solve

(2)(-3) + 2(-3) - (6)(1) + (3)(4)=
[(2)(-3) ] + [2(-3)] - [ (6)(1)] + [(3)(4)] =
-6 -6 6 12
= -18+12= -6

This is multiplying with addition and subraction...


Algebra is just like all that stuff we did last year.. it's practically a review =)

Remember a variable is the unknown quality; x+2= ...... x is the variable
An expression is x+2 with no equal sign!
An equation is x+2= ...... it has an equal sign!
A co-efficent is 3x+2=.... the 3 is the co-efficent because it is infront of the variable
A constant is x+2 ...... 2 is the constant because it will always be the constant number that appears in the equation or expression
Substitution is replacing the varibale with a given/known quantity.
4x; where x is 4
= 4 (4)
= 16

Translation means translating math to english words, it is best known to use + as add or increase and - to be used as subtract or decrease.
x+9 ; is a number increased by nine
6x-8 ; is a number multiplied six times decreased by eight.

This stuff is so easy! Mr Pointon taught it to us last year.... you could only remember if you were paying attention! =)

Tomorrow's scribe is.... Marielou!!!!! Good Luck! =)

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