Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February 1 2006 Scribing

Hey everyone, I'M BACK! Miss me?? Well, 1st day of February and we learned something new didn't we?? Well yesterday Dhona made a great post on what you guys learned on Adding and Subtracting Integers with brakets (thanks for taking over) and todays lesson was about Multiplying Integers with these brakets ( ) :

First of all...we're in grade 8, a whole different level compared to grade 7...which also means we must do it in a different and much more advanced way.

In elementary we would be doing : 3 x 3 = 9
In Junior High now it has to be either : 3 (3) = 9 or (-3) (-3) = 9

Now you guys probably noticed something familiar in (-3) (-3) .... yes they're both negative numbers...yet the answer is positive!! A Mr. Pointon rule from grade 7 was ...... "if it's the same sign you multiply and it becomes positive, if it's different signs you're answer would then become a negative" Yet this is to difficult for other questions.... and so Mr. Harbeck shared with us in class an easier formula to these kinds of equations.... "firstly just multiply the numbers as is, secondly you must count the negative signs and if the amount is an even number...the answer should be a positive...if the amount is an odd number...the answer should be a negative.

If you guys don't get that yet here's an example:

(-3) (4) (-2) (-1) =_________

1) multiply them as is: 3x4x2x1 = 24
2) count the negative signs: (there are 3 negative signs )
3) PUT IT TOGETHER!!! ..... -24

Get it? See how simple and easy it is?? Well I hope I got to share with you my understanding of what we learned in class and I hope I have helped you understand this better =)

-dandan, yvanne =)

oh yeah....hmm...who should be our next's hard to choose..i don't know who else besides me and Dhona who do blogging...hmmm...i say i'll give it to Annalyn...don't worry i'll note her up on this.

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You are amazing. What an excellent post. Keep up the great work. Be a leader for Mr. Pointon


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