Monday, February 27, 2006

February 27 Scribe darie pasco

Bleck math class i had to be scribe...and it was kinda hard to explain what we did...but I'll try my best to make this understandable ( that a word? oh well...) As Lara Mae said we made a folded paper thingy and it goes hamburger, hamburger and yeah i forget. Just look at Lara Mae's drawing thing that she made that i can't see but hope you guy all can.

Anyways we did " Collecting Like Terms" in box one and beside box one in a seperated box is Transposing. Now, I'll try my best to explain this good or goo enough that you can understand it...'-_-

under Collecting Like Terms

10x + 75 + 5x=110 } as you can see...there is a variable on both sides of the addition ( + ) sign. That's not supposed to happen. What you can do are 5 steps to help you. And this is in Box 3 which is right under box two.

1] Circle the first term
2] Find the other " Like terms"
3] Place the terms together
4] Add so you have one (1) of each term
5] Solve the two step i go to explain...

1] Circle the first term
( I can't circle so i'll just change the color to blue instead)

10x + 75 + 5x = 110

There, we did step one.

2] Find the other like terms
which means to find the opposite of 5x which is -5x
so now, it'll look like this:

10x - 5 + 75 = 110

3] Place the terms together.
which is the difference of 10x -5x which everyone knows is 5x.

4] Add so you have one of each term
( I don't know what this means.. '-_- )

so the whole equation would look like this

5x + 75 = 110

5] Solve the two step

so now we can solve it. because this is just the two step equation that we learned before. simple and easy (:

5x + 75 = 110 - 75
- 75
5x = 35
5 5
x = 7

there, easy as that.

Now, the second thing is transposing.

I'll try and explain this as simple as I can.

6x + 5 = 2x + 13 } as you can see there is a variable on either side of the equal (=) sign. You can't have that. So, to take that problem out of our heads we will exterminate that. How you may ask? By doing these 5 easy steps that go on the 5th box under transposing.

1] Recognize that there is a variable on both sides of the equal (=) sign.
2] variable moves to the left side
3] by cancelling to 0
4] balance
5] numbers move to the right

and here we go...

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At 6:13 a.m., Blogger Mr. H said...

Welcome back. That is a good scribe. I understand what you are saying and you summarized the lesson nicely. Thanks


At 9:46 p.m., Blogger Richy said...

You bolded what was important in the scribe post so people could understand and left examples. Excellent work.


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