Friday, February 03, 2006

february 3 scribe post

toady we had mr.pointon for math again today. this math class we corrected some of the questions on the 5.1 variables and expressions sheet.
mr.pointon helped explained the stuff on the sheet, like some of the questions on the sheet were putting the words into algebraic expression (a question with sybols, or something like that)
for example:
one of the questions were,
the width plus twelve= the answer would be, w(or any other symbol) + 12
because the w, or a symbol would stand for the width, and it's asking for the value of the width plus 12. we dont know the value of the width, so thats y we use a symbol.

another question was turning the algebraic expression to words. an example for that would be:
4h - 6= the answer would be a number multiplied by 4 desceased/subtracted by 6. thats how it would be because when a number is beside a variable (letter or symbol) it means to multiply. and the h, would stand for a value of a number and you would multiply those two together. then it's asking you to subtract or decrease it by 6. so thats y a number multipled by 4 decreased/subtracted by 6 is the answer

me.pointon also hepled us with the expressions and helped us with solving them
for example:
24 - 3t ; where t= 6
1) first you would do the brackets, since there aren't any, u do exponents
24 - 3(6), you would change the t into a 6, since t= 6

2) then you do multiplication or division, which ever one comes first
24 - 18, it becomes an 18 because you multiply the 3 and the 6 and the answer is 18. you multiply those numbers because when you have a number beside a brackted number you multiply those 2 together

3) after you do addition or subtraction, and like the multiplication & division, you do the one that comes first.
24 - 18= 6

the whole question would look like this:
24 - 3t ; where t= 6
= 24 - 3(6)
= 24 - 18
= 24 - 18= 6

We also did a sheet on changing the words to an algebraic expression,
e.g: a number increased by 5= X + 5
we had to do that sheet for homework

well i think thats all i guess, i hope i did this right =D

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At 2:48 p.m., Blogger Richy said...

Very detailed scribe post. The only thing that you need to improve on is... Nothing. Great Job.


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