Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lost Algebra

I created a post on the weekend all about the algebra you are doing. I am reposting it for your amusement. Please complete as much of this as you can and leave a comment behind about how you did.

Remember me Grade 8’s. Since I have been gone …only two days you must be missing me. Even if you are not missing me here are some excellent links to reinforce your learning.

The foundation to understanding algebra is to know integers. Here are two links that will reinforce what you need to know.

Try this Integer Quiz. If this is not familiar to you remember your order of operations and try again.

From this link you can see a movie on adding and subtracting integers. It is well done. If this link does not bring up the movie immediately click on the adding and subtracting integer link on the page.

Your first algebra lessons are dealing with words like term, variable, expression and equations.

Here are some helpful resources for you.
Extra help words to expressions
Extra help on variables and expressions

Here are three quizzes to see how well you did.

Substitution algebra
Solving Equations using Addition or Subtraction
Solving Equations using Division or Multiplication

Remember Leave comments to tell me how you did.


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