Monday, April 10, 2006

jeffs math thinggy

So today for math which was last period we learned how to calculate the surface area of a cylinder. To do this first you have to figure out what the formula is for the circle which is pR2 which is pie time radius squared. for example the radius of a circle was 2 so you would do 3.14 x 2 x 2 which is 3.14 x 4 then you get an answer of 12.56. Then you do your rectangles and the formula for that is circumference time hight or p x d. then you go 3.14 x 4 where u get 12.56 then you x that by the hight which would be 8 where u get 100.48 . Then you add all ur calculation which is 12.56 + 12.56 + 100.48 where you get an answer of 125.60 cm2 which is your area =)

web siight thingy lol iight im out pc

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Nice choice of a link. It is highlighted at the bottom of the page in our sp8mathzone delicious account.


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