Thursday, April 20, 2006

Surface Area and Volume Questions

Problem 1 (Easy)

1. How much cement is needed to build a sidewalk that is one thousand, one hundred twenty metres long, four metres wide and fifty centimetres thick? Round your answer to the nearest cubic metre.

My answer:
Okay..first of all we must know the measurments which are, 1120 m, .5 cm and 4 m.

Then we multiply all the numbers together.

1120x.5x4= 2240 m3

So, you need 2240 m3 of cement to build the sidewalk.

Now that's done. On with the next question. Well, not number 2 cause i don't understand it, so the other OTHER question.

Problem 3 (easy)

3. If you have five 5 cm by 5 cm x 5 cm aluminum cubes and superglue them together in a row, what is the surface area of the resulting shape made by the five cubes?

My answer:
Well, first you have to multiply the numbers together.
5 x 5= 25 x 2= 50
50 x 5= 250
50 x 5=250

then you have to add them all together.

50+250+250=550 cm2

So the total surface area is 550 cm2

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