Sunday, May 14, 2006

Arielle's Fraction Growing Post Part 2

Okay. Here we go again. Time for blogger.

Number One. (still a lot more to go)

I am not to sure on this one but oh well. I hope i did it right.

Number Two.

What happens when you multiply fractions? Use both a numerical and pictorial example to show our understanding of this concept.

oOoOoOo purple.

Number Three.

Click here to see the link. That site helps you understand how to multiply fraction's together and it also show's some examples. This site also helped me and there is even this thing at the bottom that can convert fraction's to mixed fraction's. at least i think so.

Number Four! (almost done. YAY!)

What happens when you divide fractions? Use both numerical and pictorial example to shouw our understanding of this concept.

haha your not scared of purple anymore darie? *sigh* oh well.

Number Five.

Click here to see the site. Well, this site helps us divide fractions. (duh) I picked this one cause it has examples and it showed me a better word that means flip or upside down. haha now i know it's INVERT. i forgot about that word...

Number Six.

Hmmm....who should i pick. haha i nominate:

Room 8-16- MYSELF! haha joke. not me. eww.. haha i pick (this is hard so i flipped a coin) And the winner is...
DARIE! i picked her cause she won the coin toss and her images are creative (yet scary. i don't like dolls. ) and she explained everything quite clear.

Room 8-73- who else but
Aldrin! i picked him cause his images hypnotized me to vote for him.
haha kidding. his images were very intresting and flashy. he also explained things clear with many pictures.

Room 8-17 - i picked
Katho because her pictures were nice and clear.

Room 8-41- i picked
Tyler because his pictures blinded my eyes like aldrins. And...he explained steps to dividing and multiplying fractions well. Plus he gives good advice. (ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU EAT PIE. IF YOU DON"T YOU MAY GET A DISEASE!!) yeah. good to know.


Okay. lets see. You and your 3 other friends decide to help an old lady paint her fence. All of you divide the fence in fourths but you all want to paint a different portion. Your friend Bill wants to paint 3/8 of the fence while Jerry wants to paint 2/8. That leaves you and Albert Mc Fee. Albert Mc Fee decides to paint 1/4 of the fence. How much of the fence do you have left to paint. (LOL i don't think that makes much sense. but it make sense to me. :D) Maybe a picture will help.

Haha my picture looks so weird. I was too lazy to draw clothes on the other people so yeah. And you have a hat to hide your hair so it could be a guy or a girl. Smart hey. haha not really but whatever.

And i did Helens question.

AND I AM DONE! YES! FINALLY! THAT TOOK ME FOREVER! Now i will leave. BYE! *runs away*

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im not scared of purple...only when thomeeh does this " dance" ....O_O


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