Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jewelry's Fraction Growing Posts

1) To change fractions into lowest terms, you must divide both the top & bottom number by the same numbers. For example:

4/6 in lowest terms would be 2/3 because you would divide both top & bottom number by 2. So 4/6 (4 divided by 2 , 6 divided by 2) in lowest terms would be 2/3. You need to find the largest number you can find that you can divide evenly into both the top and bottom number and you got your lowest term fraction.

2) A mixed number is just another way of expressing a larger fraction (when the numerator is larger than the denominator's value). For example: 5/3 is an example of an improper fraction. The numerator is larger than the denominator and can be changed into a mixed number. The answer to 5/3 in a mixed number would be 1 and 2/3. To find out how to get the answer, you have 5/3. Since you have a denominator of 3, you take 3 away from 5 (numerator) and now you have 3/3 which makes your whole number = 1. Now you have 2/3 left over. Since 5-3=2, you have 2/3 left. Just add it to your whole number and now you have 1 and 2/3. Hope you get what I tried explaining to you.

3) How to Express Fractions on Lowest Terms -This site just helps you to do fractions in their lowest terms.

4) a) Jewelry was hungry. She walked into her kitchen and found 8/4 pieces of a chocolate bar on the table. Her brother gave her 2/4 pieces of his chocolate bar to her. How many pieces did she find?
b) Jewelry decided to bake a pie. She decided to bake 2 and 4/6 pieces of pie. After she was done, she gave 2/6 pieces of pie to her brother and 1 and 1/6 pieces of pie to her mother. How much pie did she have left?

5) I went to Annalyn's, Laramae's and Michael S.'s posts

6) a) How to Subtract Fractions - - This site just helps you to do fractions that need subtracting and yeah.
b) How to Add Fractions - - This site just helps you to do fractoins that need adding and yeah.


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