Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lynel's fraction growing post 2...

...demonsrate your understanding of multiplying and dividing fractions

1. This shape is a square that has side lengths of 5cm. This shape represents 5/6 of a total. Use this square to show what the fraction 9/5. You can use diagrams, words, symbols to show your understanding. (copy the picture into your post and change it as you see it fit!!)

2. What happens when you multiply fractions? Use both a numerical and pictorial example to show our understandingof this concept.
3. Find a website or blog that shows you how to multiply fractions.
(click!) Create a link to this fraction site (highlight the word you want to be a link, clcik the link button, paste your url into the pop up that appears). Be sure to leave a brief 3 sentence description to this site. -----------> Description:This site will show you how to multiply fractions in different shows you how to multiply fractions in a longer and a shorter way to make it more easier for you. It shows you how to do those 3 question.↓↓↓↓
-How do we multiply a fraction by a whole number?
-How do we multiply a fraction by a fraction?
-How do we multiply a mixed number and a mixed number, or a fraction and a mixed number?

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