Sunday, May 14, 2006

Marielou's Fraction Growing Post 2

Number 1

Number 2
When you multiply fractions, you multiply the numerator times the numerator and the denominator times the denominator.
for example:
1/3 x 1/5= 2/15
the answer is 2/15, because you have to multiply the numerators and the denominators.
1x1=2 and 3x5= 15
Number 3
this website helps explain how to multiply fractions. it explains it in and easy way and also shows you how to use cross reduction to make your question easier . when you under stand, they give you a couple of questions, and you can try to answer them. i hope this helps! =)

Number 4
when you divide fractions you just have to flip over the second fraction (put the numerator where the denominator is and the denominator where the numerator is) , then multiply.
for example:
1/2 divided by 2/3=3/4
because you have to "flip" the second fraction, then multiply. so 1/2 divided by 2/3 would become 1/2 x 3/2, then simply multiply.
its juss like harbeck said "yours is not to reason why, just invert and multiply"
now for my picture....... dont rly know how to out in a picture, but i understand how to divide it... heheh ohkay here i go.....

hope i did that right.

Number 5
i found this website that helps shows you how to divide fractions. just like the other on it show you how to use cross reduction to make the question easier. hope it helps =)

Number 6
the people i pick are..........
8-16: helen! =) i chose helen because her post explains it very well, and her pictures explain it properly too!!! heheh
8-17: katho!! i chose katho because her pictures are nopt to small not too big, so we can see what in side them. she also explains mutiplying and dividing fractions well =)
8-41: DYLAN!!!! heheheheh i chose dylans post becausei like the explanations and his questions
8-73: camy!! i chose camy because her post explains all tjhe things we need to know about adding, subtracting fractions, and slo equivalent and simplifying fractions

Number 7

Marielou had a chocolate bar her it had 7 equal pieces. Marielou took off 4/7 of that chocolate bar and 3/7 were left. She was goinf to eat it but all of a sudden Racquel came and snatched 2/7 of the chocolate marielou had in her hand, that she took from the chocolate bar. Then Racquel ate it and ran away. How much chocolate does marielou have all together?

*hahahah i know that question didnt make any sense lol.. i unno i couldn't think of anything.. heheh anyways...... al least im DONE!!!! oh yea and i did darie's =)

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