Sunday, May 14, 2006

nannalyns fraction post number 2

kk .. its upside down i know .. but at least its done . `n its prettyy orginized.

Number 7.
It's your mom's birthday today. You bought 4/7 of flowers for her. It took you an average 2 1/2 hours to earn enough money to buy these flowers.How much money did she raise?

kk i know it makes no sense but yea..?

I answered Katho's

Number 6.
Marielou's because she explained everything. And her pictures are nice and clear.

KATHO's because her picures are awesome. And because she explained things well . haha stalker!

Dylan's because he has cool pictures and he explianed things well.

Ingrid's because she REALLY explained everything PERFECTLY

dividing fractions. This is a good sight cuz it explains basically EVERYTHING about dividing fractions. It also teaches you other ways on how to divide. I also like it cuz its COLORFUL

when dividing fractions you have to flip the second fraction. then you just do the same rules for multiplying fractions. you jusst ALWAYS have to meememberr to FLIP the second fraction. for example 1/4 / 1/3 = 1/4 x 3/1 , 3/4
make sure EVERYTHING is in lowest terms. and if you're divding w/ mixed numbers juss do the same rules for multiplying and dont forget to flip the second fraction. and make sure your answer is a mixed fraction.

multiplying fractions. This is a good sight because it explains how to multiply fractions properly. It also has arrows and stuff so you dont get confused. Another good thing about it is that i like the colors :)

When you multiply fractions you just multiply the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator.
eg. 1/5 x 1/2 = 1/10. BECAUSE 1x1 = 1. and 5 x 2 = 10 . and this is in lowest terms already.
when multiplying w/ mixed fractions you first change it into an improper fraction first. then you multiply the same way. you then have to put it in lowest terms. BUT you cant leave the answer you have improper, you ALWAYS have to change it into a MIXED fraction. e.g 1 2/5 x 1 2/3 = 7/5 x 5/3 which equals to 35/15. now we have to make it in lowest terms which is 35/5 = 7. 15/5 =3 so you get 7/3. then we change it into mixed fraction.which is 2 1/3

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