Sunday, May 14, 2006

Racquel's Fraction Growing Post # 2

1) Still working on this......AAH!!

2)When you multiply fractions, you end up having to multiply the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator.

E.G - 1 / 3 x 1 /2 = 1/6.
Your answer is 1 / 6 because you've multiplied the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator. (1x1=61 and 3x2 = 6).

Don't have paint or anything that I could use to make a picture with. So I just decided to use photobucket again....well, here's the link: My Pictorial Example for Multiplying Fractions.

3)How to Multiply Fractions - Here is a site that explains how to multiply fractions and how you can make your questions a lot easier. It also includes questions that you can try on your own to learn. Hope it helps.

4)When you divide fractions, you'd have to change the fraction into a multiplying question by using the recipricol (or however you spell it) of the fraction. Next, you would multiply them. Then change into a mixed number.

E.G - 3/4 DIVIDED BY 1/3. 1/3 would become 3/1 because you have to use the recipricol and then you'd multiply it after. SO 3 / 4 x 3 / 1 = 9/4 (changed into a mixed number would be) = 2 1/4.

...and photobucket again. So here's the link: My Pictorial Example for Dividing Fractions.

5) How to Divide Fractions - this site explains how to divide the fractions and why simplifying is important when getting your answer. They've also left you some questions you can try out once you've understood the steps of dividing fractions. I hope this is helpful enough.

6)I chose Yvanne's growing post because the pictures she made really explains well, in detail, everything about fractions and stuff. :) I like the pictures! And I went to Katho's growing post because her pictures also explain well. And they're perfect sized as well. And third, I chose Deannia's post because it really has some good explanation about multiplying and dividing fractions and last but not least, chose Camy's growing post because she has both excellent pictures and explanation! :)

7) It's your friend's birthday and she received 30 dollars on her birthday from her mom. You gave her 1/2 the money that her mom had given her. Another friend had given her 1/5 the money that her mother gave her. How much money did you and the other friend gave her altogether and how much of each did you and that friend give?
...aaand answered Marielou's question! Lol nice question Marielou! I have an answer of 5/7 left, including the chocolate you have left and the one in your hand. You had a chocolate bar of 7 pieces, yes. You took 4/7 off of it and so you have 3/7 left of the chocolate bar remaining and then I came sneaking around and snatched 2/7 pieces off your hand (lol haha) and then ran off with it. So you have 2/7 because 4-2=2. And then you have left over 3/7. Add your 2/7 to 3/7 and you have 5/7 left. Yea I'm right, right? x] You can find her question HERE!


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