Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Racquel's Fractions Growing Post


Question Number 1:

To express a fraction in lowest terms, you need to divide the top number and the bottom number by the same number. For example:

4/8 reduced to a much lower, but equivalent fraction would be 2/4 because you could divide the numerator, which is the top number, and the denominator, which is the botom number by 2. So if you divide 4 by 2, it would be 2 and if you divided 8 by 2, you would get 4. So if you divide 4/8 (BOTH TOP AND BOTTOM NUMBER) by 2, you wouled get 2/4. However, 2/4, also read 2 fourths, isn't the lowest term for 4/8. To find the lowest term from the fraction given to you, divide your fraction, both top and bottom number by the largest number you can find that wouled divide equally into it, you've got your lowest term. Here's the actual lowest term for 4/8: 4/8 divided by 2 equals 2/4. You can divide 2/4 by another 2. So 2/4 divided by 2 equals 1/2. You can't go any lower than 1/2. So 1/2 is your lowest term. (I hope I explained this properly).
Question Number 2:
Improper fractions and mixed numbers are the same because a mixed number is just another way of writing a fraction whose numerator is larger than the denominator. For example: 7/5 is an improper fraction. See how the numerator is larger than the denominator? The answer to 7/5 would be 12/5. I bet you're wondering..."how did you get this answer?" Well it's simple. To change an improper fraction, you need to find how many pieces fit into the denominator itself. 7/5...take a look at this improper fraction closely and think. 5/5 make a whole , so you have 1. The left remaining is 2 because 7-5= 2. You used 5 to make a whole. 5/5 is now gone. So, you got 2/5 left and 1<-(Your whole number). Put them together and you have 12/5. (I hope I explained this properly as well.)
Question Number 3:
Now there's a site where you can learn to find out how to reduce fractions to their lowest terms. You can also try the questions given to you from that site. I hope this site helps other people as well.
Question Number 4:
a) One Saturday morning, Racquel and Marielou decided to go on a trip to Korea. Both carried with them a checklist to figure out what they've completed so far. Racquel completed 2/3 of her list so far and Marielou completed 2/4 of her list so far. How many things have they packed all together?
b) Racquel's class was having a potluck at school one day. She had decided to bring some pizza. She had decided to bring 3 and 5/8 of pizza (3 whole pizzas and 5 pieces out of 8 slices of pizza). She gave Marielou 4/8 pieces and Teara 5/8 pieces. The teacher decided to take 1 and 2/8 pieces and give some to the other teachers. How much pizza was left remaining?
Question Number 5
I went to Marielou's Annalyn's and Josh's Growing Posts.
Question Number 6
This site can help you understand how to add fractions and all so yeah.
How to Subtract Fractions: This site can help you understand how to subtract fractions and all so yeah.

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At 7:15 a.m., Blogger Kirby said...

I really like your growing post. you explain things well. i am going to do your questions.k
a) 2/3 = 8/12
2/4 = 6/12
= 14/12
= 1 2/12
= 1 1/6

b) 3 5/8
- 4/8 = 3 1/8
- 5/8
= 2 9/8 = 2 4/8 or 2 1/2
- 1 2/8
= 2 4/8
= 1 2/8
= 1 2/8...i think

At 6:50 p.m., Blogger marielou816 said...

hahaha raqcuel.. KOREA!!! that's right =P heheh lol...
hey! u used my name with out my permission too!! jk
heheh anyways.... awesome job on ur growing post thing..ohkays.. thats it =D


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