Sunday, May 14, 2006

y-dandan's fraction growing post part 2

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All I did was find a way to get 9/5. I

came up with 5/5 + 4/5 = 9/5. I'm not sure with

my explanation. By the way... the answer can also

be in a mixed form: 1 4/5Please leave comments

about this picture whether good/bad.

Please and Thankyou

3. here's a link to a tutorial through multiplying fractions

5. Here's a link on a tutorial through Dividing Fractions.

6. I choose Ingrid, Helen, I ONLY CHOSE TWO... sorry im in a hurry.. need to go somewhere!

Yvanne had a question on her test. 2/4 X 1/8= ?/?


hah lol...

well look at that.. im done! YEASH! .. now time to

now time to do the rest of my homework!


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