Tuesday, June 13, 2006

d.j. r.a.y's exam questions =) `

1.) Make nets that will fold into boxes with a volume of 8. DON'T FORGET DIMENTIONS

Each net needs a volume of 8 centimetres, meters, whatever measurment you want.

2.) Write each shape as a fraction in lowest terms;
WAY 1:

Divide the shape into small 'A' triangles. To get a total of 16 triangles
WAY 2 :
Divide shape into 'C' shapes and divide them in half to make eighths. Then, divide the eighth containing the 'A' shape to get a sixteenth.
Look at images if I don't make sense =)
- Dhona, Yvanne, Jewelry, Annalyn, and Renee 8-16

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