Sunday, June 18, 2006

exam quuestions =)

Exam Questions

kay..... um heres the one with the boxes =)
they boxes ahd to all have to total 8 units squared. There are 6 possibilities

now for the one with A B C D ... wehad to solve it in two ways...
for the first one we divided it into 16'ths

then for the second one we divided it into 32's

next its the one with sybolic and verifying

next is the alex and his sandwiches question >.<

the one about the pools... i think this is the last one... ..

the chart and graph to go with it

*harback... i didnt know what to call "y"... soo.. i called it water.......

kay!! im done =) ....
Posted by: Marielou
Work Done by: Marielou, Racquel, and Joanne =D

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